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Flying isn’t a challenge when you’re an expert. By delivering integrated and innovative aviation solutions, we take care of both the big plans and the minute details, tailoring every aspect of air travel to your exacting needs. Our prices are the most attractive on the market- fly on private jet for the cost of business class. Our team of qualified booking experts will help you find the best travel solutions for you. Most of the Jets that we have at our disposal are privately owned- that is why we can offer more competitive prices than other booking agents. 

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Unlike some of our competitors, VIP Aviation Group goes beyond FAA and legal requirements when sourcing aircraft for clients. A vetting process imposes rigorous criteria on every aircraft and pilot, with our field team backing up information from the FAA, NTSB, FlightSafety, ICAO and EASA. We re-vet all aircraft and crew before every engagement, providing peace of mind and contributing to our zero incident history. It’s all spearheaded by a Director of Safety and Innovation, a role that reflects an uncompromising focus for your safety. Only 10% of what’s available meets our safety standards, so our commitment to value doesn’t mean any unnecessary risks are taken with unsafe aircraft.

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For every flight, you have access to a wide choice of aircraft and can make changes to itineraries right up until departure. We have access to over 3000 jets- all carefully selected.


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